Inspiring. Positive. Determined. These are some of the qualities associated with what we would call a role model. After listening to the beginning of a start-up firm called Unruly by very ambitious women entrepreneur, I realised that regardless of the circumstances we could be in there is nothing that can stop a role model from achieving their aspirations. I find it inspiring how a small business that just started with three could grow to more than 200 staff expanding to 15 countries within a year.

Stereotypes. Women do chores, men do work. This is another aspect that further boosted me to take a profession in the technology field. Speaking to various women who took an apprenticeship and those women who work in Capgemini and getting an insight on their experience in the business environment further pushes me to want to prosper in the IT field and question the stereotypes written by society today.

By Priyal Bandheri

“Truly inspirational. That’s how I would describe the Capgemini’s women’s business network evening at the UK Accelerated Solutions Environment. Listening to the truly motivating Unruly entrepreneur Sarah Wood, alongside Christine Hodgson the chairman of Capgemini UK who provided wise words of wisdom really captivated my attention. To this day women are battling stereotypical expectation of what career they should and should not work in, only now are a number of females in  STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & mathematics) careers becoming more and more existent and that is something I am passionate about becoming a part of.

Dedication, risk taking and  courage are the skills and values I learned are vital in being successful great role models in the technology industry, which I learned from listening to the speeches of Christine Hodgson & Sarah Wood, both of whom never initially started their careers in the technology industry. For me this really struck me, it unleashed my desire to fulfil my potential and one day leave the impact they left on me. This was to strive for confidence in myself and  take a leap into the unknown, grasping opportunities with both hands even if it seems I am inexperienced as these  two role models both show clear examples of how you can build up yourself  and your career simply by believing in what you do  and being passionate.

Sarah Wood spoke of her two biggest regrets.   Her first was not taking what seemed like unimportant opportunities at the time. Her second a humorous story of skiing down a slope with no preparation merely than her chanting she was “a tiger” to get her successfully down the slope. Courage and bravery allowed her to succeed in doing so which I feel is essential in the technology industry specifically applying to females who wish to challenge societies expectations and enter the technology workforce.   I hope to become one of the many women to come who break the boundaries of stereotypes and take their first steps into a technology career with passion and dedication and one  day become a role model like Christine Hodgson & Sarah Wood.”

By Roshani Vaghashiya