On September 28, me (Nikol Nacheva) and a few graduates (Moneesah Siddiqi, Dani El-Zein and Ed Hull) visited the prestigious London School of Economics as part of the Business Technology Solutions (BTS) Ambassadors Network Think Tank framework. The event was called ‘Getting Hired into a Consultancy’ and we had the chance to present in front of more than 70  bright undergraduate and postgraduate students reading various degrees. In a typical consultative way, we captured the expectations of the students at the beginning so that we could tailor our presentation to meet them all. The area perceived as the most ‘useful’ was section on *How to avoid common pitfalls in the application process*. The slide on *Commercial Awareness* and *Day in the Life of an IT Consultant* also enjoyed the attention of our audience who were curious to find out what we actually do. Keeping the session interactive increased the level of engagement from the students who asked many questions throughout using slido.com in a techy and innovative way.

They really wanted to hear more about what we do in Organisational Change Management and the type of client projects we engage in. We believe the event was successful because we created an informal atmosphere where we could relay honest stories from a graduate’s point of view on our journeys to Capgemini.

We had approximately 80 people turn up and more than 50 people signed their names, expressing interest in Capgemini as an employer. That`s all High Calibre people from LSE. 89% of the respondents said that the session has strengthened their interest in applying for a role at Capgemini.

We believe we managed to raise awareness of the Capgemini brand as a multinational company. The students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the work we do as well as the transferrable skills they need to get hired. The number of people who expressed interest in applying for positions at Capgemini UK following the session truly delighted us and all questions raised were fed back to HR and Recruitment. Sharing our photos from the event on social media generated a lot of interest and triggered half a thousand external views thus gaining more popularity. Events like this really make me proud to work for Capgemini UK. I sincerely hope that HR get to see applications for various tech and non-tech related roles coming from the highly intelligent LSE students.

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My name is Nikol and I work as an Applications Consultant in Organisational Change Management. I sit within BTS (Business & Technology Solutions) under Capgemini UK Apps.

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