One of our recent Graduates, Abbie Dorling, gives some great suggestions and advice for when applying to the Capgemini Graduate Programme.

Researching Capgemini and your role

Capgemini’s 180,000 people large organisation is a great place to get stuck in, challenge yourself to try new things, and most importantly, enjoy the journey!
It can be overwhelming when researching Capgemini and more specifically our roles. You’ll be happy to know that you’ve done the right thing in reading this  Capgemini blog post. Before applying for the role as an Associate Consultant within the Business & Technology Solutions (BTS) team for example, it’s important to know what you’re signing up to and I’ll let you know now, you don’t need specialist technology knowledge. We welcome applicants from all degree disciplines.
If you want to know more about who we are and what to expect from the role, please click here. #LifeAtCapgemini
Now that you understand what the role itself entails, let’s talk about your application.

Your application

Imagine you are a graduate recruiter for a large organisation; the graduates are hungry for roles, the job adverts are up and the influx of applications is coming in. You read through and review hundreds of applications who all ultimately have the same aim, to get the job as a Capgemini Consultant. What would you want to see on the application? Something to bear in mind when applying…
When you apply to Capgemini, be sure to sell yourself: what is your unique selling point? Why do you deserve this role? What skills do you have that make you great in a client facing role?
Capgemini is all about their people so be sure to show your personality.  Don’t be afraid to be different, you don’t just have to talk about previous work experience or University. Maybe you are a frequent vlogger or maybe you climbed Kilimanjaro last summer. Remember to give them something to remember and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Your strengths

Capgemini is different. As part of the recruitment process, our team wants to understand your strengths. This surprised me, having done multiple job applications with a rigorous and sometimes demoralising psychometric testing process. For me, this really separated Capgemini from its competitors and was the confirmation that Capgemini is a company that truly focuses on its people. Our core values are essential to our recruitment and something I use daily. Be sure to have a look at them here.  There’s no knack to this, just answer honestly and you’ll get your results almost immediately.

Let’s talk

This is a great chance to build rapport with your interviewer, be sure to know why it is you want to work for Capgemini, what you can bring to the role and most importantly…ask questions! Demonstrating curiosity tells your interviewer that you actually have an interest in Capgemini and the work life that comes with the role. Be honest, if you aren’t sure what a question means, get clarity as there is respect to be earned by being honest (if you don’t know already, honesty is one of our values!). #BeTheYou
Best of luck with your application…If you have any questions about the application process itself, the role or working for Capgemini, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn here.
By Abbie Dorling