Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn for just over $26bn in cash undoubtedly boosts their market share in social media. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, said that today’s work is split between tools workers use to get their jobs done, such as Microsoft’s Office programs, and professional networks that connect workers. The deal, he said, aims to weave those two pieces together.

I spoke to Anne Cave-Penney, Head of Alliances at Capgemini, to find out what impact this acquisition might have.

Anne Cave-Penney, CapgeminiAnne commented: “Technological advances have had a huge impact on the professional office space, with advanced hardware, software tools and the cloud all providing a raft of advantages for businesses to reap. Increasingly, social media tools have also proved indispensable, enabling workers to connect and build professional networks. With its acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft opens up the possibility of integrating its Microsoft Office software with the professional networks that LinkedIn facilitates.

“By weaving these offerings together, professionals could share contacts and calendars, and could enable workers from different businesses to find out more about each other before they meet up. This will result in improved efficiency and an increase in businesses joining forces.

“This acquisition is certainly a shrewd move by Microsoft, and the professional space should feel the benefits especially.”

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