I live in Melbourne where I lead the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange and I have recently discovered that I can virtually visit the San Francisco Exchange any time I like.

Live, real time visits where I can scout around the office and find local San Francisco AIE residents to chat to without having to leave the comfort of my current position. I discovered this new reality while planning for a client follow up to a recent visit. It is my new favourite thing.

Here is the conversation that I had with my colleague Andy Heppelle that kicked it all off…

Barbera (Melbourne): I wish we (in Melbourne) could be better connected to San Francisco

Andy (San Francisco): But we can! We have our friendly resident robot. We nicknamed him WallE after a beloved Disney character.

Barbera: How will that help?

Andy: You can remote access Wall-E through your mobile device to visit the office any time you want!

Barbera [Feeling intrigued, but hesitant… sounds complex]: How long does it take to set up?

Andy: Only minutes…I’m sending you the link now; do you have it?

Barbera: Great, got it. I’m just registering, oh, new password, got it. We have a client in 10 minutes, can I show them the Exchange?

Andy: Sure, I will guide you, oh, I see that you got in, we can turn off our phones now and walk and talk together through Wall-E.

Barbera: How do I drive this thing? Oh, I see… using the new app on my mobile.

Andy: You are driving now.

Barbera: Andy, these are some colleagues and a client here in Melbourne; Kristin, Cam, Ana, Mike this is Andy. Yes he’s in San Francisco and I’m driving a robot through the Applied Innovation Exchange; he’s giving us a tour.

Andy: Actually Barbera, as you’ve been at the Exchange before, I’ll walk with you but you are hearing and seeing everything through Wall-E so you can do the tour if you wish.

Barbera: This just took 5 minutes from not knowing it was possible to it actually taking place.

Andy: Welcome to our new way of working!

Barbera: I am definitely getting one here. You just made my day!

It was a 20 minute tour for 5 Australians in San Francisco, no flights necessary. I continue to visit the San Francisco AIE at every opportunity – I take my colleagues and my clients and even sometimes my friends. It still makes my day.
Watch WallE in action here:

A guided tour of the San Francisco AIE, thanks to the resident Robot! from ASE UK on Vimeo.