We’re delighted to announce that the 1Customer programme we delivered for Anglian Water has won this year’s Gold in SAP Quality Awards, in the Business Transformation Category.

When Anglian Water contact centre agents talk about the solution now, they use words you don’t always hear about SAP solutions: “I like the simplicity”. But that’s what Danny Green, a contact centre agent with Anglian Water, says about his new 1Customer solutions, delivered by Capgemini.

At Capgemini, we were one of the first to see the new opportunities and potential of the new wave of SAP solutions, capable of transforming our customers’ business landscape. We work closely with SAP to make sure we implement these for our clients in ways that give them more control and responsiveness over their company’s future.

Before 1Customer, Anglian Water’s contact centres – which handle about 2 million calls a year – had to use a range of different screens and systems. They wanted to simplify the number of screens and processes, saving time and money, and giving their customers a better experience.

Our UIsmart team worked with Anglian Water to help them run simpler and faster, by reducing the number of screens from over 20 (with additional sub-screens) to just one or two using User Experience (UX) designers. Then we developed the screens using our Rightshore team in Mumbai and Bangalore. The project was an agile process, with the screens being improved iteratively until all the information needed was on just one screen.

One of the key successes of the project was that it met or exceeded every one of its targets. These were:

  • Reduce average call handling time by 78 seconds
  • Reduce contact centre FTEs by 30
  • Multi-million pounds savings
  • Do not impact customer service levels
  • Improve end-user experiences
  • Reduce training time (reduced from two weeks to just two days)

Paul Tomlinson, SAP expert“This is great news,” said Paul Tomlinson, Capgemini UIsmart Lead, who presented to the judging panel. “It builds on our belief that this project was not only the largest SAP UI5 implementation in the world but is a great example of how improving user experience can drive business benefits.”

Bill Waterson, SAP expertBill Waterson, Head of Capgemini’s New Wave SAP, said: “This is a fabulous example of how the intelligent deployment of technology can lead to lasting business benefits for our customers. Every senior person I meet from SAP – in the UK or across EMEA – tells me that we are the only partner positioning the transformative aspects of the new technologies. And that we are also the only partner to understand the technology deeply enough to be able to deliver on our promises.”

The SAP Quality Awards are seen as the leading SAP award, as they are entered by customers rather than partners, and focus on delivery excellence. The judging panel is made up of SAP representatives, past winners and external experts, and measures against strict criteria including adherence to SAP’s Ten Quality Principles, demonstration of time-to-value and a focus on how quality excellence was achieved throughout the entire implementation cycle.  Capgemini has now won an SAP Gold Award for three years in a row.

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