Globe Academy student Justin Martin was among those students who Capgemini supported to attend the Ada Lovelace Day celebrations. His guest blog shares his insights.

Ada Lovelace day is an event where people celebrate the achievements women have made in different subjects, such as science, technology and many more. It helps to empower women, and tries to fight the gender discrimination that we know of today, especially around the subjects already listed above.

The celebration consisted of different speakers, who presented their work to an audience to show women are just as capable as men in areas such as science and technology, all the speakers had something different to offer.

Elaine Chew, one of the speakers, presented the audience with a modern version of the analytical machine. An analytical machine has the ability to code for numbers, which Ada Lovelace and her co-worker worked on. Ada realised that the machine could also code for symbols, thus notes could be coded. Chew, was able to visually prove this hypothesis made by Ada.  As Chew played on the piano, triangles were formed to show the chords, and a line was drawn away from it which told the key of the chord. This phenomenon indicated that people can make music using the analytical machine, as it shows what chords go well together or not. 

Another speaker presented the audience the colour spectrum. She gave the audience special glasses that could diffract light. This way, people would be able to see the individual colours of light. Much of the audience were in awe as they wore these special glasses. It was almost as if you were in a different world, a world filled with many colours that you would not be able to see with the naked eye. These simple diffracting glasses show how people are able to take pictures of the fascinating galaxies.

Overall, the experience of the event was a unique one. It taught many of us new things that we have never heard or considered about, all done by women. Even though many men are successful, this event shows women are just as successful as men. I have enjoyed this event, and I definitely recommend others to attend to the celebration when it comes again next year. Going to this celebration is an experience that I’ll never forget.

Authored by Justin Martin