Team ace of spaces - Million Makers

Million Makers is back and our team officially launched its campaign last week! Million Makers is an entrepreneurial challenge whereby company teams are challenged to turn an initial investment of £1,500 into at least £10,000 profit. Our team, called The Ace of Spades, will compete against other companies regionally and nationally to make the most profit! The aim is for all the teams to raise a combined total of £1 million for The Prince’s Trust, one of Capgemini UK’s main community partners. Fundraising starts today, 1 July, and ends on 31 December.

After a competitive selection process, our team of 13 had a few short weeks to come up with ideas and write up a business plan for The Prince’s Trust as well as prepare for our partner’s “Dragons’ Den” pitch to gain the £1,500 seed funding. One of the Million Makers presenting on the day, Frankki Theodore, said, “the dragons were really pleased with our business plan and thought our events were ambitious but great. We also received some really useful feedback and suggestions which we will make sure we take onboard.”

David Bee, VP of Applications Outsourcing David Bee, VP of Applications Outsourcing (left), has kindly agreed to support the team for the next six months. “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to mentor Capgemini’s Million Makers 2015 team, to work directly with some of our junior talent, and help them raise funds for such a worthwhile cause,” says David. “The team has already shown determination and creativity, completing their business plan within tight deadlines and successfully pitching their ideas to The Prince’s Trust ‘Dragons’ Den’. They’ve set themselves ambitious targets, but are highly motivated and I’m sure will be very successful.

“While the fundraising goal is paramount, Million Makers also provides the team members with a great opportunity to develop their capabilities outside their immediate roles, work with others across and outside Capgemini and have some fun!

Jila - Ace of Spades Chairperson“I think we have a fantastic Million Makers team this year, and I’m looking forward to smashing our £10,000 target!” said Jila Bahri-Esfahani, Consultant Development Community (CDC) and Chairperson of Ace of Spades (right).

Meet the Team!

  • Jila Bahri-Esfahani, CDC
  • Lewis Barnes, Infra UK
  • Ella Paludo, CDC
  • Monju Meah, Core Services (CR&S Team)
  • Abby Walker, Apps UK
  • Frankki Theodore, Infra UK
  • Conor Waldock, CDC
  • Christopher Haslam, Infra UK
  • Leighton Connors, Infra UK
  • Shirley Lau, CDC
  • Danny Usvyat, CDC
  • Adrien Darnaud, CDC
  • Jenna Chowdhury, CDC

What does our Million Makers team have planned so far?

  • Cake Sale, Holborn – 3 July
  • Golf Day 8 July with Prize Draw (volunteering a range of services on the day)
  • Gala Dinner – late October
  • Abseil – date TBC

Our donation page will be regularly updated as we progress. You can also follow our progress on Twitter – @CapgeminiUKPPL #MillionMakers
Monju Meah, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Team & Team Capgemini