I believe the majority of people don’t usually associate job interviews as a fun and engaging experience. As the newest team member to the ASE, my interview is still fresh in my mind.  Although the context of my visit was as a potential employee, I think my experiences and first impressions of the team and environment will be valuable to anyone looking to understand what you’re walking into. Here is just a snippet of some of the things I noticed on my first day ‘in the office’.

As someone who has come from a facilitation background, the ASE promise intrigued me. An environment and capability so good they could solve complex, multi-stakeholder challenges in days instead of months or years?  Can that really be done? I was about to find out.

ASE guest arriving

First I noticed the space, the big windows, the natural light. Next came the real coffee in mugs!! (tiny cups with saucers are any attendee’s pet hate, right?).  My eyes dot around the room partly looking for things I am expecting to see and partly just absorbing all the differences; inspirational books, technical gadgets, toys and games. All these apparently random objects are present for a particular purpose to help stimulate our minds and help release ‘group genius’. I find the presence of such things comforting as it resonates with my previous work.

An example of using 3D graphics on an ASEvent

Toys and books available in the space

Toys and books available in the spaceI meet the team of Knowledge Workers and spend some time in the Production Room, in awe of the resources available to the team; from the A0 printer to the mountains of Sharpie pens, these facilitators don’t let resources constrict their design. They’ve built their space to accommodate the needs of their clients without compromise.

By the end of the first prep day (the day before an ASEvent), the space looks amazing, every little detail has been considered and the KreW have shown me how each and every one of them will only deliver the highest standard they know. I was mightily impressed as I headed to my hotel with other KreW boys and girls knowing that a couple of them were taking even more work back with them to prepare for the next day of delivery.

Delivery day arrived bright and early and this day is when the front of the room facilitation really comes together. I observed the most amazing teamwork, an array ofsecret handshakes, nods and signals passing from Facilitator, Co-facilitator, Process Facilitator and the KreW, delegates completely oblivious to the skills in use.   

Using different media to bring the ASE space to life

By the end of the day, those in the room had come on leaps and bounds forward in their thinking. I can now see how it works. The effort that goes in ahead of time to ensure the day is the most worthy spend of senior leaders’ time and I’m left excited to see more events to come.

The ASE space set-up for an event on International Women’s Day