Although I tweet regularly about my daily life as an Applications Consultant in the Business Technology Solutions (BTS) team, there is only so much you can get in 140 characters! So I thought I would run you through a pretty typical Friday for me. On Fridays I tend to work from home – I spend the majority of my day working for my current client, but also try and get some time on some BTS initiatives. You can learn all about the BTS team through this video.

8.45 – Call with the head of BTS – I am helping in getting professional headshots for all of our team (350+ people!). So I had a quick early morning call with David Cowen, the head of BTS to discuss the best strategy for implementing this.

9.30 – Call with my Project Manager – My current project role involves turning sales processes into 15 eLearning courses. I had a call with my project manager to update the status of each of those courses and determine the priorities for the coming week.

10.30 – Process Review – One of the sales processes I need to fully understand is quite complex across different areas of the world. I take some time to read my clients documentation and use the SAP software to run through some test scenarios.

11-12 – Competency Workshop – As part of my BTS role as career development committee lead, we are looking into developing our current competency framework. We have our first call to discuss the best approach to take along with the outputs we want to get out of this exercise.

12-1 – Lunch time! I grab a bite to eat and take a quick walk to stretch the legs.

1-2 – Prep time – I have an important review call later this afternoon. I have worked on the content for the past couple of days so I take this hour to make a few updates and get all my materials ready.

2-3.30 – Review Call – I have a call with two important stakeholders from my client to review some of the sales processes. I make a lot of notes during the call for aspects which need to be included or amended. The system is still being determined and updated, so the processes need to be flexible and keep evolving with it.

3.30-4.30 – Write Up – I take all my notes from the call and begin make some of the amendments, sending out emails to determine clarification information, testing out some more scenarios on the software and get everything in order to continue working on it on Monday.

4.30-5 – Career Development Committee Meeting – I have a call to catch up with my committee and see how their actions have been progressing, we discuss the competency workshop from earlier in the day and confirm what training needs to be booked for the team.

5-5.30 – Emails – At the end of a Friday, I like to go through my inbox and clear out anything which has been completed or is now out of date. They are now all ready to go for work on Monday morning!

There we have it, a productive end to a busy week! Be sure to follow up with me on twitter and through the hashtag #FollowJasmin  to keep up with my day to day activities!