What do you do every day? And other frequently asked questions…

I’ve been lucky enough recently to attend some schools event, an assessment centre and be assigned a new buddy who will be starting in my team in May! One thing I have noticed from these events was some similar queries were all being asked – so I thought I would run through these frequently asked questions!

What is your typical day?
The best bit in my opinion of technology consulting is that I don’t have a typical day! If we rewind 6 months then my typical day would be out on a client site, assisting in determining technical requirements around data migration and management. At the moment, my typical day is working either from home or a Capgemini office in understanding a large manufacturers sales processes and turning them into eLearning courses. Your location and work day will depend on what project and role you are working on but they will always involve collaborating with your Capgemini team and client to achieve a successful project!

What kind of training do you do?
All technology graduates complete core training on collaboration and communication. Further training will then be dependent on what roles you are working on! I am currently working towards being a Business Analyst and so have been doing training in relation to this.

What type of things can you get involved with outside of your project?
This does depend on what team you are in but you can usually get involved with anything which interests you! Outside of my project work within BTS I am the committee lead for career development in my team, looking after training and career planning within junior talent. I also get involved with the innovation and CRM teams, tweet about graduate life over at #FollowJasmin and write here for the student blog!

What do you do when you’re not on a project?
There are times when you may not be assigned to a project – this is termed as ‘on the bench’. I’ve only been on the bench one before Christmas last year. In this time you will work closely with your team managers on internal and business development work!

How have you coped transferring to a technology career from a non technology degree?
I studied biology at university and so did not come from a technology background before I started at Capgemini, but I haven’t found that to be a disadvantage at all! A lot about working on different projects, roles and companies means that no situation is the same. You just need to be keen and ready to learn! For any projects where I may not have known the technical parts, I’ve been supported by my managers and have been able to get the right training. There are always people around you more than ready to help if you come across anything you are unsure of!

Do you have any questions about working as a graduate for Capgemini? Leave me a comment below or tweet me at @jasminbooth15