In 2013, SAP announced a truly transformational future vision for their customers, underpinned by the power of HANA and extended by new applications and acquisitions. Bill Waterson, VP SAP Innovation at Capgemini UK, attended SAP’s global conference SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando earlier this month to hear SAP unveil the latest developments.  He was not disappointed.
Impressions, bird's-eye view

Two years into this journey, SAP continues to demonstrate a single-minded focus in delivering their vision – a vision that has remained consistent over this period, with further announcements at SAPPHIRE that flesh out the roadmap.  In addition, there were customers presenting alongside SAP on the achievement of major benefits from buying into the vision.  At Capgemini, we know that this customer uptake is indeed accelerating as we are working with over 30 organisations worldwide, of which more than half a dozen in the UK to deliver success around the new SAP.
Recent examples include a South American paper and pulp business who has achieved nearly 10% ROI in a heavily competitive low margin sector and a North American oil and gas drilling company with massive improvements in MRP performance and in payroll processing.  And take a look at this video outlining the benefits that North American conglomerate Riata has achieved with Capgemini and SAP HANA. 
“Run Simple” keynote presentation by Bill McDermott (CEO of SAP SE)

At Capgemini, we have long been convinced that the revolution that SAP has undergone is a step in the right direction, and therefore we’ve been very excited about the potential that the new product set offered to customers.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Bill Waterson comments, “As SAP delivers more and more of the full scope of their vision, we see massive transformative benefits for our customers.  These benefits will come not only from the significant reduction of the total cost of ownership, but also from the radical top line growth. For every customer this journey will be different – different starting places for existing SAP customers, different opportunities for transformation by industry sector. But overall it’s clear that transformation is now possible.”
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Photos courtesy of SAPPHIRE NOW