At last night’s Apps for Good event, there were a whole load of smiles.  From some beaming teachers (in their black ninja shirts) to some 10 year olds who now have an App available to download (yes – ten years old!), all celebrating the achievement of creating some fabulous apps.  And quite rightly!

Apps advertisements

But what really resonated with me was a comment by Bob Schukai from Thomson Reuters about how great technology connects with people.  He’s right.  As a parent I remember those magical moments full of wonder you create for your toddler as they discover the world – their faces full of amazement and a smile a mile wide.

Well, that’s what technology is all about – or perhaps should be.  Great technologists solve problems others can’t.  They make people smile, holdMichelle Perkins and Nigel Lewis with Pocket Pig team member their breath or gaze in wonder.  Sometimes they even make you get the credit card out!  Apps for good showcased seven teams of students who did just that last night.

Is it wrong to have a favourite?  Well, I probably should pick out just a couple of the great apps to mention.  Since, my mind works that way I really liked CryptoConnex and Harriet did a great job of selling it to me.  I even solved my first puzzle – so you can’t argue with that!

For me the bravest and most challenging App and perhaps therefore the most important was I’m Okay.  There’s enough pressure on young people today with studying, choosing careers, drugs, alcohol and the perfect role models you see on TV without the added pressure of sexuality that might be different from others.  It’s a great App but made more powerful by a school, teachers and family that supported the girls to create it.  Well done!

Oh and Harriet – we’ve always got room for another sales person?

Michelle Perkins, Director Schools Outreach Programme