Hi everyone, it’s been a few months since my last post so it’s time to update you on what life as a Higher Apprentice has been like since. It comes as no surprise that my time here has already quickly flown by!

March began with quite a buzz as it was National Apprenticeship Week. Apprentices got involved in all sorts of activities, ranging from being interviewed on the radio, visiting schools as well as a trip to the BT Tower for a few lucky individuals. I took part by getting involved with the opportunity of taking over the @CapgeminiUKPR Twitter account for a day. Each day a new Apprentice would take over and tweet about a #247apprentice lifestyle. I found the opportunity both challenging and exciting and it was great to see you guys taking interest with loads of tweets coming in enquiring about both our Advanced and Higher Apprenticeship schemes.

In terms of being involved on a project, I have been involved in testing. This involved tracking and logging any defects through a tool in various test environments and ensuring that any changes a developer made are correct and that the changes haven’t resulted in issues elsewhere. In terms of my experience, this project has definitely proven to be an eye-opener into how a big project operates in terms of logistics, communication and collaboration. It’s been a good learning curve and having a highly skilled set of co-workers with years of experience means you have the opportunity to pick up useful help and advice along the way!

Funnily enough, it isn’t all just hard work and no play at Capgemini. Each week, a group of us play 5 a side football at a local pitch a short walk away from the office. It is usually always a heated affair with a few wonder goals that go hand in hand with the catastrophes we also witness. It’s always a nice feeling to be able to get back at your manager with a crunching tackle! All in all, it is something that has slowly grown and all look forward to it on a weekly basis.

That again brings me up to date on my experiences to date. Stay tuned for my next post! If you would like to ask any questions or enquire more into the apprenticeship programme, then please do get in touch by posting a comment, or messaging me via twitter.