In a new study of the UK IT outsourcing landscape, Capgemini has been ranked an excellent joint number one for client satisfaction! Sharing the top spot with TCS, we scored an impressive 75% in response to the question: “How satisfied are you in general with these service providers?”
The study was prepared by Source and Whitelane Research. Source is a specialist outsourcing advisory firm. Whitelane Research focuses its activities on outsourcing research and events. The study evaluated and ranked 24 IT service providers based on client opinion. Client participants were typically CIOs and CFOs. In all, over 270 participants from the UK’s top IT spending organisations were involved. These people evaluated over 800 unique IT outsourcing contracts representing more than £15 billion worth of total annual contract value.
The study asked a range of other questions and across the board we were rated consistently highly. We were in the top five in the responses to several questions concerning the quality of our service delivery teams, our proactivity in coming up with new ideas to make the deal more successful and our project management skills.
I spoke to Sunil Parekh, Business Development Director, Northern Europe, Capgemini Infrastructure Services and asked him about the significance of the survey’s findings:
Sunil Parekh, Capgemini Infrastructure Services“Whitelane’s annual research is arguably unique in the insights it sets out to establish. There are many reports which look at the services and solutions companies like Capgemini provide but there is less emphasis on how the delivery of these services are perceived by our clients. The study provides an excellent overview of the current state of play in UK outsourcing and, significantly for Capgemini, our position in the minds of our clients.
“It’s great news to hear we have topped the poll for overall client satisfaction as it underlines our position as a leader in this market, particularly in terms of delivering value to our clients through the services we provide.
“Capgemini has great capability in IT services and we have a long heritage of delivering quality services and achieving significant benefits for our clients, and this is reflected in the survey.”

EDIT, 17 July 2014:

Outsource magazine logoOutsource magazine has published an interview with the authors of the report: Jef Loos from Whitelane and Eleanor Winn from Source. Loos and Winn discuss the report’s findings and the trends they’ve seen emerging in the already mature UK market, and what the implications are for the rest of Europe. Asked about which providers are most dominant, the authors cite the strength of the Indian players and some of the European providers who are showing improvement. Loos highlights Capgemini: “Capgemini is really competing with the Indians. On the first position in our survey, it’s Capgemini together with TCS. And if you ask why that is, I think it’s the quality of the people.

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