In recent times, analysing the complexities of delivering a digital offering has focused on the private sector, in particular on the struggles of high street retailers such as HMV. Yet there is a less headline grabbing movement for the government to digitalise their services as generations X and Y demand an online relationship with the providers of public services, and as the government begins to perceive the public as client.

In a recent opinion piece for Computer Weekly, Capgemini business development director Arwaa York articulates the pressures surrounding the digitalisation of government services, which have been widely exposed in the harsher retail market. Arwaa highlights that a common failure of digital change lies in a lack of understanding of the customer. He also notes the fine line between delaying the deployment of a digital offering and jumping in too quickly with a confused and patchy delivery., as Arwaa states,  “setting off on the wrong path can be extremely costly and lead to many problems later in the process often requiring considerable rework and delay.