We’ve all seen the Carlsberg adverts but what would the festive season look like if HR ‘did Christmas’? It would probably be the best Christmas in the world? The answer is likely to depend on your perception of HR and the value the function brings…

Would they;

  • Structure a talent management programme for the reindeer, ensuring retention and making a succession plan for Rudolph
  • Implement a performance management framework to help Santa assess whether the children have been naughty or nice
  • Coach Santa on how to be a motivational and fair leader
  • Complete a comprehensive workforce planning exercise to ensure the right number of elves with the right skills, experiences, and competencies are in the right jobs at the right time and at the right price?
  • Be confident with analytics and data to establish the most effective route for Santa to navigate the globe and direct Mary to an inn with a room?
  • Develop appropriate learning and development training for elves focused on present selection and efficient use of sellotape and for fairies ensuring competence on tree balancing
  • Partner with the business on the appropriate operating model to outsource production and wrapping of presents
  • Enable and support a flexible and mobile workforce of reindeer and helpers
  • Recognise that the elves of the future are changing and embrace the difference of generation Y
  • Provide thought leadership on what to do at those sometimes infamous Christmas gatherings

Or, would they only focus on the basics?

  • Assist Rudolph in a grievance case following bullying by the other reindeers about his red nose
  • Ensure diversity representation amongst snowmen – they shouldn’t be just white or just men
  • Guarantee a fair pay deal for Santa’s little helpers
  • Ensure equal representation and allow turkey’s to vote for Christmas
  • Campaign for gender equality whilst the three kings make their way to Bethlehem
  • Monitor Christmas leave and putting everyone on a compulsory ‘elf and safety’ course

So what’s your perception of HR? If HR did Christmas, would it probably be the best Christmas in the world? Delivering beyond just the basics and adding real value? Over the festive period consider what value your HR function brings to its clients…. maybe a Carlsberg will aid your thinking!

Happy Christmas