Solutions for the puzzles in last weeks post …

1. What comes next after 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211?
To see this you have to read the numbers. Start with 1. Then there is one one (11). This is two ones (21), which in turn is one two and one one (1211) etc. So the next in the sequence is 13112221

2. A man stopped his car outside a hotel and immediately knew he was bankrupt, how?
He was playing Monopoly and just moved his car onto Mayfair where another player owned a hotel and charged him £2000 which he didn’t have, even after mortgaging everything.

3. There was a monorail train system in which loads had to be balanced on opposite sides of the car. I lent someone a cow so that they could transport their newly purchased piano home. How did I get my cow back?
My cow was pregnant and I’m a patient sort of person. When the calf was big enough the new piano owner sent me two cows back, balancing each other on the train car.

4. Why did a man who drank up quickly survive the experience whilst his more measured friend with an identical drink died shortly after leaving the pub?
There was poison in the ice cubes. The fast drinker consumed his beverage before the poison had dissolved into the drink, whilst his slow drinking companion unknowingly waited till the ice was mostly melted and died.