Over the last few weekends (and the occasional evening after work) I have been embarking on a bit of home improvement. A full flat redecoration to be exact. Normally one would think that in June there would be much better things to be doing outside, but as it happens, the weather is not playing ball. So it got me thinking, is it just me spending all my June indoors with a paint pot or are others taking this opportunity to freshen up their homes too?

During my many visits around the various DIY stores I was pleasantly surprised to find a plethora of deals and promotions on many of the indoor products I required. Fairly unusual for this time of year I thought, but I happily accepted it as I purchased my many colours of emulsion. A quick search on the internet and I find that the available discounts is not just a happy coincidence, but a response from the DIY industry to encourage sales. Data from the ONS, published by Verdict shows DIY & gardening sales slumped in 2005 and again in 2008 and the DIY subsector has yet to fully recover, but they are improving.



At this time of year the DIY & gardening sector tend to rely on seasonal products to bolster their sales, however with the poor weather of late this was not to happen. These companies had the foresight to see their sales targets would not be reached without action and as a result, paint sales galore. You may not be able to build your decking in the rain but indoor painting is spot on so it turns out, I wasn’t the only one taking advantage.

Another aspect of DIY sales I was intrigued about was if the double bank holiday at the start of the month had any impact. Was this an opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to throw themselves into a bigger project, or was the four day break an opportunity for planned socialising and relaxation. According to DIYweekly, the wet weather drove people to the shops with DIY stores seeing a year on year increase in sales of 4.2%, with decorating products rising 5.2%. One area which did particularly well was outdoor garden furniture up by a staggering 71% on last year mainly owing to the promotions in this area. Hopefully the weather improves at some point so the new outdoor furniture can be enjoyed.

It just goes to show, understanding the factors that have an impact on sales, will allow a quick response when uncontrollable factors change. And let’s face it, we can’t control the weather but it seems some retailers are doing well at managing the impacts.