customer first

Customers are looking for brands that they love – for brands that have a distinct self-image, that are innovative and appealing and where they as customers come first.

Today’s business is more personal, data-driven and fast-paced than ever, and success begins with your customers. When you know what consumers want and need, you can identify new opportunities and bring market-changing products, services and experiences to life to engage and grow.

We inspire our customers with creativity, design and analysis to make bolder decisions. We help you imagine your future, create a business case and formulate a plan that will get you to your goal. By redesigning your marketing strategy, improving the way you sell and interact with your customers, and optimizing insights from data, we create personalized and differentiating experiences.

Innovation and human-centered design by frog, part of Capgemini Invent, combined with our extensive customer experience, data and technology expertise, creates a unique way to inspire people and open up new markets.

What we do

At some point a new market participant or a changed consumer taste threatens your core business. And at this moment, no amount of investment in the customer experience of your existing company can save you. You have to do something different – you have to question the status quo. This is the promise and premise behind Continuous Business Reinvention: Imagine, Do, Scale, Be Brave..

Your customer experience must change the relationship with your customer and create trust that offers them lasting value. We use emotions, sensitivity and intuition to develop new experiences. Based on thorough analyses and state-of-the-art technologies, these are both personal and effective – for building long-term customer relationships.


Alex Smith-Bingham, Group Offer Lead Customer Experience