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Capgemini’s Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment

Capgemini’s Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment is a new offer that aims to help grocers leverage advanced data capabilities and transformative technologies to create profitable and sustainable digital grocery offers.

We help companies develop and implement a customer-first strategy, as well as underlying data-led capabilities, to recapture lost profit and reposition digital channels as a growth engine. 

Our end-to-end offering targets three critical areas of digital grocery fulfillment:

Consumer-centric strategy

Examine processes and technologies in tandem to synchronize business objectives with customer expectations and optimize the organization’s capacity to deliver.

Margin impact and opportunity analysis

Identify the key cost drivers and value levers to effectively target the most relevant opportunities for grocers to profitably operate and scale their digital businesses.  

Fulfillment architecture roadmap and development

Develop and scale a fulfillment strategy and architecture, including smart inventory management, digital order management, and an automated order fulfillment system, that prioritize both customer value and business profitability.

Benefits of Capgemini’s Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment

Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment helps organizations adapt to compete and build the capabilities they need to cost-effectively respond to customer expectations, and profitably operate and scale a digital offer.


digital profitability


customer experience (CX)


new services


fulfillment efficiency


substitutions and stock-outs

Want to learn more about how Capgemini’s Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment can help your organization reach the next level of growth? contact us to schedule a consultation.

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      Meet our experts

      Lindsey Mazza

      Global Retail Lead, Capgemini
      Lindsey is Capgemini’s Global Retail Lead. She is a retail thought leader and subject matter expert who specializes in shopper-centric, unified-channel commerce and innovation. With nearly 20 years’ experience in retail transformation, Lindsey has served some of the world’s largest retailers in analytics-enabled integrated planning and execution, from consumer demand to receipt.

      Leo Muid

      Consumer-Centric Grocery Fulfillment Offer Lead
      Leo is Capgemini’s Global Offer Lead for Order Management. He has 20 years’ experience working with retail and CPG firms as an architect and CTO adviser in digital order management, omnichannel order fulfillment, and customer supply chain. He has worked extensively with leading OMS technologies and delivered some of the largest global implementations.