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Freelancer Gateway by Capgemini

Capgemini works alongside a global network of contractors to deliver projects efficiently and ensure we bring the highest-value work to our clients. Our Freelancer Gateway by Capgemini not only allows for talented professionals to find us, but allows us to connect with innovators who are passionate about delivering quality work across their diverse skillsets.

Life at Capgemini

Women in the Workplace

Women face a variety of challenges in the workplace. Learn how Capgemini makes a conscious effort to make Gender Equality a reality.

Diversity in Tech

Capgemini has also taken steps to promote inclusion within the workplace, through many global and local initiatives. For instance, the Employee Resource Group (ERG), A³, focuses on furthering the development of diversity and inclusion within Capgemini, with an emphasis on the African American community. Another ERG, HOLA, has a similar mission with focus on the Hispanic community. Other programs include embedding diversity sessions within leadership development, and striving to increase diversity in recruitment.

Contractor FAQs

Answers to the most common questions including:

  • Who can register?
  • What are the benefits of joining?
  • How do I apply for a project?
  • What do I do when I complete a project?

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