Shifts in patient expectations. Expanded requirements and regulations for providers. Changes in digital workflows and data access within healthcare systems.

Today’s healthcare experience looks incredibly different because of these new challenges.
Patients expect the easy access to healthcare and digital experiences that drive quality outcomes.
Providers must do more work in shorter time periods and maintain a high quality of care with healthy outcomes, while also sharing a personalized experience with patients.
Healthcare providers need to provide patient data to a variety of teams and entities, while keeping that data safe and compliant. Maintaining that safety and integrity earns patient trust and maintains compliance with laws and regulations.
How do healthcare entities manage these new challenges?
Capgemini can help. Our healthcare digital transformation teams provide solutions in insurance, health and social care, and life sciences.

What we do

We help our healthcare clients adapt in a rapidly changing world – creatively, and effectively. To do that, we bring on-the-ground experience to help you accelerate time-to-care, exponentially and at scale.

Groundbreaking new technology is positioning the health and social care sector to improve person-centered services along the care pathway. We partner across the industry with community care providers, hospitals, university clinics, and health ministries to help develop personalized care plans, both at home and in medical institutions.

Life sciences companies give life to innovation: developing and making accessible new medicines and therapies with the power to save lives, as well as enhance the quality of life itself. Today a rare opportunity faces life sciences organizations, one that transforms their ability to deliver on their missions – exponentially and at scale. With our global breath and expertise, we’re well positioned to help.

Bringing cutting-edge technology Spanish hospitals

Three Spanish hospitals use privacy-preserving artificial intelligence to help the speed and accuracy of COVID-19 screening.