5G is the defining element of every telco’s transformation strategy. However, for operators, success will depend not just on their ability to deploy this powerful new network, but also on how they monetize their investment across industries and domains.

In most cases, seizing the opportunity provided by 5G requires organizations to accelerate their shift to the cloud and create a robust partner ecosystem to deploy industry use cases at scale.

With the window for competitive advantage beginning to close, telcos need to begin their 5G journey in earnest now. With Capgemini, they’ll be working with a partner who will help them get the future they want.

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The path to net zero for telcos

The telecoms industry has a significant environmental impact today – and it’s predicted to rise in the years to come. We can help.

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Arun Santhanam

Head of Capgemini Telco (CSPs,MSOs and NEPs) North America
Strategically steering the helm as the Head of Telco and Media Business for North America, I am dedicated to helping our customers drive innovation, fostering partnerships, and leading transformative initiatives in the ever-evolving telecommunications and media landscape.

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