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Redefining success: delivering against consumer expectations at speed and scale in the new era of connected commerce.

A dramatic shift in customer behaviors and expectations over the past two years has accelerated trends within the retail industry. As digital and physical channels merge and shoppers expect a connected experience across all touchpoints, retailers must enable a bold omni commerce strategy – underpinned by data, with technology and business processes that support a flexible, agile distribution and fulfillment network – to deliver on promises to today’s customer.

“As retailers face increased margin pressure from rising costs of talent, transportation, energy and more shifting markets, and price sensitivity among customers, organizations must embrace an insight-driven commerce strategy – one that favors adaptability, and optimization, to compete and win in the new era of connected commerce and delivery. Balancing experience, speed, and cost of service will be the key to success.”

Lindsey Mazza, Global Retail Lead

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          Cloud, Technology

          Automating the retail customer journey through technology

          Jennifer Marchand
          Jan 27, 2023

          Meet our experts

          Ted Levine

          US Executive Vice President, Capgemini
          Ted is an Executive Vice President at Capgemini, serving as a Business Unit Managing Director. With over 26 years of experience at Capgemini, he has spent his career serving clients directly and delivering on some of the largest and most complex Digital and Technology Transformations. Serving across a multitude of industries from Consumer Products and Retail to Hospitality and across Capgemini’s services from management consulting to managed services. Ted believes strong partnerships can create powerful work environments and empowered communities. As a leader for leaders, he serves as the sponsor of Capgemini’s Account Executive Community, empowering customer-first partners across the organization.

          Vince Crimaldi

          Vice President, US Retail Leader
          Vince Crimaldi is a Vice President, and part of the Capgemini sector leadership for Retail. Vince is responsible for strategy development and industry-specific solutions for many of Capgemini’s top customers in Retail and Restaurants. With over 20 years of experience, Vince is focused on building solutions globally and in market that drive business value for Capgemini’s clients in the sector, with a focus on the Store Experience Platform, Store Management and Operations, Product Management, Retail Analytics, and Digital/Cloud solutions in and above the store.

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