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Every company wants to use technology to help its business thrive in an increasingly complex and volatile world. Flexibility is key.

Technology can play a pivotal role in helping business deal with disruptions, challenges, and opportunities. To take advantage, companies must be like water with technology strategies, architectures, and solutions that are shapeless and formless but can take a business where it needs to go.
It is beyond simply being agile, speedy, and responsive. It is the ability to manage the disturbances while adjusting seamlessly, transforming both business and technology in an unending flow.
Capgemini works with major technology clients around the world to drive innovative projects and deliver revenue-generating outcomes.

We have a partner ecosystem that drives sustainable transformation through innovation and co-created solutions. Our diverse team of consultants spans more than 45 countries.

Transformation is a key element of evolution. As companies transform engineering, customer service, operations, IT, and data ecosystems, our team can bring an outside-in perspective to help drive the future you want.

    Subscription Revenue

    Increase brand engagement and revenue with servitization

    5G in industrial operations

    5G can help solve the connectivity issues faced by industries like manufacturing, transport, logistics, and energy and utilities.

    Quantum computing

    Capgemini launches a dedicated Quantum Lab and announces a new agreement with IBM to advance industry applications of quantum computing

    Sustainability and circular economy principles across enterprise

    Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future

    Quantum Technologies And Capgemini’s Q Lab


      • Cloud
      • Data
      • Digital CX
      • Testing and quality engineering
      • Consulting: Invent, AIE, ASE
      • Subscription Revenue

      Client Stories

      Meet our experts

      Darshan Naik

      Expert in Aerospace, Business Development

      Jean-Claude Viollier

      Expert in Cloud Services (global), Digital Operations

      Soumen Saha

      Expert in Cloud Services (global), DevOps

      Dharmesh Mistry

      Expert in driving growth agenda for the Tech market unit