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The world will never be the same. Will your company react to the next wave of disruption – or build what’s next?

Constantly advancing technology, continuous disruption, and the blurring lines between high-tech players requires companies to reposition their business in a fundamentally changed and constantly changing world.

We work with our clients to navigate the landscape of constantly advancing technology and continuous disruption. We are here to partner with our clients to help them emerge as leaders of the digital revolution, repositioning their business to realize the future.

We are your strategic partner to inspire and build the next wave of transformation, for your sector and for our society.

“Capgemini is, at its core, a tech company. We are a transformation partner that can help our clients understand and build what’s next in tech – and extend and apply those advances across every sector and industry.”

Brett Bonthron, EVP, High-tech Sector Leader

CES 2024

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What we do


As the need for industry and use case specific ecosystems grows in high-growth markets like Automotive, XP, 5G, and AI – chip manufacturers must assume a software mindset, building and configuring a software-driven ecosystem and business model to take their business closer to the cloud and creating an “full-stack” solution.

The shift to industry-specific software

In a highly personalized world, niche is now the norm – even when it comes to software. Software providers must accelerate their build of Industry specific solutions.

This shift requires an evolution of every aspect of the organization, including the way it sells, markets, organizes, and partners. But software players can also accelerate industry solutions and industry clouds by putting more resources into ‘core’ Industry-specific software development.

Extending platform boundaries

When platforms meet devices, new business opportunities emerge. Platform companies must extend the boundaries of their existing business to include innovative services and use cases that will open new markets and attract a broader customer base.

Expert perspectives


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Featured capabilities


    Capgemini Engineering is the global leader in silicon design ER&D services, leveraging over 16 years of industry expertise

    Software Product Engineering

    Entire industries are being disrupted by companies that didn’t exist 15 or 20 years ago.

    Cloud platform services

    In this digital age, businesses rely on software and its seamless delivery to create engaging digital experiences

      Meet our experts

      Brett Bonthron

      Executive Vice President and Global High-tech Industry Leader
      Brett has over 35 years of experience in high-tech, across technical systems design, management consulting, start-ups, and leadership roles in software. He has managed many waves of technology disruption from client-server computing to re-engineering, and web 1.0 and 2.0 through to SaaS and the cloud. He is currently focusing on defining sectors such as software, computer hardware, hyper-scalers/platforms, and semiconductors. He has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of San Francisco for 18 years teaching Entrepreneurship at Master’s level and is an avid basketball coach.

      Sanjiv Agarwal

      Global Semiconductor Lead, Capgemini
      With about 30 years of experience in the TMT sector, Sanjiv is experienced with enabling digital transformation journey for customers using best-of breed technology solutions and services. In his current role as a global semiconductor industry leader, he is working closely with customers on their journey on producing sustainable technology, driving use of AI/ ML, digital transformation, and global supply chain.

      Gaytri Khandelwal

      Global Platform Leader at Capgemini High-Tech Industry
      Gaytri oversees customer success within the Hyper-scaler/Platform sector. Her over 25 years of leadership experience spans sales, partnerships, customer success, engineering, and IT at fortune 100 product companies and consulting firms. As a technocrat, adept at driving CXO level business objectives, Gaytri has harnessed a broad range of technologies (I.e. cloud, IOT, data, AI/ML, Immersive, and sustainability) to orchestrate large-scale transformations. Beyond her corporate role, she has co-founded a mental health Startup, runs a Startup chapter, and sits on the board of a mental health non-profit.

      Karl Bjurstroem

      EVP, Global Head of Tech & Telecom Industries, Capgemini Invent
      Strategy consultant and manager passionate about the use of digital technologies to gain strategic and operational advantages within customer experience, product development and marketing. Specific expertise in digital strategy formulation and realization, developed by working with CXO level clients in the high tech, telecom, media and banking industries across the globe.

      Jean-Claude Viollier

      Expert in Cloud Services (global), Digital Operations

      Darshan Naik

      EVP, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Markets, Capgemini Americas