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Service Industries

The tertiary sector (service industries) is now the largest and fastest growing sector of the economy in the western world. With the largest share of US GDP and employing 70 percent of the workforce, it is imperative for businesses to embrace new models and technology and modernize their systems and processes to unlock value and drive innovation.

With a demonstrated track record of driving innovation and outcomes enabled by business and technology for clients across a range of service-industry segments, we serve clients in the transportation, distribution, professional services, state government, and non-profit sectors. Our experts leverage cloud, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, product engineering, and platforms to address the entire breadth of client business needs. This passion drives a powerful commitment: to unlock the true value of technology for your business, our planet, and society for a more inclusive, sustainable future.

Our commercial clients include some of the leading airlines, rail operators, trucking and 3PL providers, mobility companies, wholesalers, food and non-food distributors, supply-chain companies, and professional and consumer services providers. We are purpose-driven and serve US state government agencies and non-profit clients with a goal to improve the society we live in. Our offerings and capabilities span the domains of Customer First, Intelligent Industry, and Enterprise Management

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Meet our experts

Siddharth Ram

US Services Lead, Capgemini
Sid leads the service-industry sector for Capgemini America across distribution, transportation, and professional-services segments serving commercial, government, and non-profit clients. In this role, his focus is on client/executive relationships, driving client success through industry solutions, building high-performing teams, and overall strategy and performance of the market unit.

Ted Levine

US Executive Vice President, Capgemini
Ted is an Executive Vice President at Capgemini, serving as a Business Unit Managing Director. With over 26 years of experience at Capgemini, he has spent his career serving clients directly and delivering on some of the largest and most complex Digital and Technology Transformations. Serving across a multitude of industries from Consumer Products and Retail to Hospitality and across Capgemini’s services from management consulting to managed services. Ted believes strong partnerships can create powerful work environments and empowered communities. As a leader for leaders, he serves as the sponsor of Capgemini’s Account Executive Community, empowering customer-first partners across the organization.