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Client Story

Ingram Micro moves to Everything-as-a-Service

Client: Ingram Micro
Region: North America
Sector: Services

Ingram Micro wanted to become a one-stop shop for services and products. Its vendors and partners wanted to explore new ways to go-to-market. A recurring-revenue model was the answer but Everything-as-a-Service means changing the sales cycle and partner behavior. It also needs the right controls on billing. Ingram Micro can now drive growth with new offerings and launch new ideas faster.

“Capgemini is a strategic partner and has supported us across the business. They bring a wide range of skillsets to the table that help impact the business in a positive way. They are also in different markets with different expertise so they can challenge our ideas to test them and push us forward.”

Hiren Patel
Executive Director, Global Product Management
Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro spent time to establish the foundation to manage different business units and ensure the process was scalable for the future. It needed to follow standards, with the ability to flex when a new model comes out.

“We needed a solution that was flexible enough to be able to handle the changes as well as understand the best way to support these recurring revenue models.”

Prior to implementing SAP BRIM, Ingram Micro had issues reconciling vendor services invoices. It had manual spreadsheets and questions around the accuracy of charges. Now it has a foundation to manage compliance and costs. And customer get more timely and accurate service invoices.

“The solution has a lot of controls in place to help us track our margins more closely. We are able to check balances, do daily spot checks, and see a detailed analysis of the margins.”

Ingram Micro has a baseline designed to help launch new offerings, services, and other opportunities more efficiently. The ideation phase is much quicker, so the company can take a vendor idea and launch it to market much faster.
“Growth is how we are measuring success. We are focused on growing our services business on BRIM first but then we are looking at our more traditional business to see how taking the costs out of providing an invoice can help.”

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