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Transforming finance with Oracle Integration Cloud

A global engineering and construction company accelerated invoicing and streamlined financial operations with ADMnext

A proven track record as an industry leader is no indication of future success. Companies must constantly operate efficiently to thrive in this rapidly moving economy. Complacency is a liability, and organizations that lack the drive to continuously improve risk falling behind and losing their market position.

Capgemini helped a global engineering and construction firm transform its finance function by accelerating invoicing and streamlining key processes. The company needed an efficient cash-management system for its global operations, but invoice processing times were slow and required manual inputs from suppliers. While it already utilized Oracle Source to Pay modules in the cloud, its custom processes for viewing financial attachments incurred high licensing costs – yet another major issue.

Capgemini leveraged its Oracle Cloud expertise to solve these problems. Our ADMnext team delivered an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and SharePoint integration solution using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to accelerate invoicing, eliminate manual entries, and improve the user experience of the supplier-payment process. The OIC also allowed the client to view and process attachments with an existing Office 365 license, bypassing the need for its previous license and achieving $6 million in savings.

Read the client story to learn more.

Meet our experts

Sameer Bhagwat

Expert in Application Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, IT Strategy
I have over 20 years of experience managing senior leaders & globally dispersed teams across US, Europe, and India.  I am focused on selling strategic managed services deals with a unique combination of leveraging traditional Applications and IT portfolio along with Digital and Cloud technologies to drive business value for clients.

Randy Potter

Expert in Enterprise Architecture
25+ years in IT Consulting. Expertise in IT Transformation and Strategy, Enterprise architecture, Emerging Technologies, and new ways of working (Agile POD’s, DevOps, etc.)


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