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Client Story

Ingram Micro drives transformation with a master data foundation

Client: Ingram Micro
Region: North America
Sector: Services

Ingram Micro is transforming to become a platform company. But for digital transformation to be successful, master data must be consistent and accurate. It needed to establish master data governance to take control of its data and harmonize processes. Now with better business insights and more accurate reporting, the company is moving its operations in each country to the global template, for a solid master data foundation.

For our digital-transformation program to be successful, we needed to have our master data consistent and accurate across all the different systems. Having a strong governance program provides the foundation for all of our transformation plans.

Todd Arant
Executive Director, Global Business Processes
Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro’s digital-transformation program needed global data and governance to succeed. Standardized processes and improved reporting and analytics will help provide the foundation for transformation plans.

“Ingram Micro has massive volumes of SKUs so we needed to make sure we chose a software that could handle the load.”

As part of the global data strategy, Ingram Micro will have a worldwide book of record with established and standardized processes that can be supported by shared services. The company is focused on cost efficiencies, better business insights, and financial disclosures that provide more accurate summaries and statements.

“We are going to enable all master data processes to go through shared services regardless of vendor, customer, or product. And we have also created a regional data steward network wrapped around it to ensure our standards are consistent.”

Once the global roll-out is complete, Ingram Micro will expand reporting, dashboards, and ongoing data efforts. Digital transformation is the growth opportunity and master data governance will provide the foundation.
“Growth opportunities for the next few years are going to be around digital, and this program should enable our digital program to fly. That is where we are going to see most of the value in the future.”

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