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Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise service management goes well beyond IT. It digitizes and automates adjacent functions like HR, security, finance, and CRM, to put the focus on the end-to-end customer experience.

The emergence of cloud and digital services, mixed with traditional, legacy services, creates complexity in the IT value chain, including hybrid models. This complexity needs to be managed to create value for both customers & business. That’s where we step in.

By applying SIAM governance methods and principles, a structured blueprint for digitizing and automating processes flowing between IT and adjacent business functions can be implemented to manage that added complexity – while extending value chains beyond IT to the business. 

ServiceNow is the ‘platform of platforms’ that integrates this flow, providing a consumer-centric user experience.

Modernize your enterprise services to reap the value of your organization. This will benefit your customers, and enhance their experience. 

      What we do

      Future Franchise services empower franchisees to deliver great customer experiences.
      Unlock the full potential of your complex multi-provider business ecosystem with our Digital Service Integration and Management (SIAM) solutions, and achieve end-to-end customer satisfaction.
      Achieve service excellence, for the benefit of your customers, and your organization.

      Capgemini’s ESM on NOW offer is a main ServiceNow based offer that helps organizations dramatically improve any business process across the enterprise, including customer service management (CSM), HR service management (HRSM), security operations (SecOps), finance, business service management (BSM), IT service management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT business management (ITBM).

      Why are we so swift and dependable? Because we have deep expertise and long experience with legacy and cloud managed services, and strong alliances with major enterprise management vendors. And because we take advantage of a standardized, proven methodology, advanced automation techniques, and solution accelerators.

      We partner with technology firms to offer a sound sustainability strategy for the IT estate and employee engagement advisory.

      Service excellence with ServiceNow

      We bridge the complexity gap, and deliver quality, outcome-based, ServiceNow solutions.

      Meet our experts

      Jill Weber

      Expert in Infrastructure Transformation Services, Service Integration (global)

      David Rudel

      Expert in Cloud Infrastructure Services, Service Integration (global)