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Data-driven customer experience

Only 39 percent of organizations successfully turn data-driven insights into sustained competitive advantage.

The formula for success is simple: Enterprise data + customer data = contextual data which leads to strengthened relationships, brand loyalty, and increased acquisition.

What does it mean to be a customer-first brand to your consumers? It means making everything feel personal, from the products customers buy to the services they use – and from the way products are designed to how employees speak to customers. Customer-first makes the painful feel painless, the complex seem simple, and every moment feel intuitively right. When customers feel valued, the brand feels valuable to them.  
Knowing what your customers want is a first step to successfully becoming a customer-first brand – and the answer is in the data. Firms are leaning in heavily to maximize these important insights and, while it has never been particularly easy to predict what customers will think and want at any given moment, taking steps to truly understand who they are and their wants, needs and desires is paramount in this immediate satisfaction culture. 

Data-driven customer experience empowers you to take full advantage of interconnected data while building trust, transparency, and long-term relationships.

What we do

We optimize customer acquisition, improve customer retention and CLV, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of digital advertising programs.

Data-driven marketing brings together customer data across your ecosystem to build unified customer profiles and activate personalized and respectful marketing based on customer behaviour, preferences and patterns while carefully complying with all data privacy laws and other regulatory requirements and in a manner that doesn’t feel invasive, unsettling, or untrustworthy to the customer, hence making it Respectful Personalization.

We help you boost revenues and maximize conversions by using data to create an engaging personalized customer experience.

We leverage historical data to forecast sales based on previous sales, market trends and other key factors.

We help optimize your leads and revenues, while fulfilling customer needs by using dynamic pricing of products and services in line with different data trends like demand, seasonality, propensity to buy, storage capacity to name a few.

We help combine customer data and service agents’ data to match customer behaviours along with competencies to direct the interactions hence making customers happy and loyal.

Happier customers spend more. Combining customer data with service agent data helps provide a seamless experience to customers which augment rate of retention and boosts service agents’ job satisfaction.

We help detect unsatisfied customers and help increase loyalty through antichurn scoring, intervention by service agents and more.

Based on a customer’s web activity, we automatically tailor search and category pages which helps increase revenue and ARPU (average revenue per user).

We use customer data and purchasing history to recommend the right product to customers thus increasing revenue and ARPU.

Leveraging data, organizations can calculate CLTV through average order value, purchase frequency, return behaviour, past purchases, loyalty, etc. This can help brands target their efforts on the right customers.

With the help of our CX experts and Data Engineers, we have built activation components, Data and AI models that we bring to your existing landscape and accelerate your journey to improved ROI across channels. To see all this in action and get deep into the working model, get in touch with us to know more about the components of our DDCX offer.

Read more about how we help create conversations, build trusted relationships, and enable brands to provide personalized offers and recommendations, in turn delivering value to the brand and the end customer.

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      Expert perspectives

      Meet our experts

      Naresh Khanduri

      Expert in Innovation, Strategy

      Fernand Khousakoun

      Vice President, Digital Customer Experience Content & Marketing COE Leader
      Fernand has 24 years of experience working with customers to improve the Customer experience.

      Darshan Shankavaram

      Executive Vice President, Digital Customer Experience Global Practice Leader
      I have close to 30 years of domain experience, with more than ten years within Digital and Mobile. I have led product concept-to-sell, business development, pre-sales, solutioning and technical implementation of CX transformation programs.

      Padmashree Shagrithaya

      EVP & Managing Director, Insights & Data, India
      “Managing multiple machine learning models, built by varied teams is a huge challenge. MLOps is a powerful approach to bring all the pieces together and reap larger organization-wide value from AI at scale projects.”

      Marc De Forsanz

      Data & AI for Customer first Leader