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How customer data can optimize ad sales

Media companies are exploring new data-based revenue models

It’s no secret that people love to consume content. For media companies, it’s understanding these consumption patterns – and monetizing them – that is often challenging.

Subscription-based models have been the standard throughout the media industry for years but organizations are recognizing the potential of Advertising-Based Video-on-Demand (AVOD). With AVOD, companies can unlock new layers of customer data that can augment audience intelligence metrics and targeting strategies.

However, without proper analytics, it’s difficult to attribute marketing outcomes to ad inventory. An inability to forecast viewership for media assets can also lead to poor monetization of ad slots and decreased revenue. As pressure intensifies to maximize publisher fill rates and conversion rates for ad inventory, companies need a transformational approach to advertising monetization. This is where Capgemini steps in. As a strategic partner, we use next-generation data and analytics to enable media enterprises to optimize their ad sales performance and maximize profits.

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