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Client Stories

Boosting subscriber revenue and engagement with personalized advertising

An American multimedia house needed a 360-degree view of its audience for improved consumer intelligence

Subscription services continue to gain traction across industries, and are becoming a prime business model in media. Companies are competing to offer the best subscriptions to attract new consumers and build brand loyalty. Many organizations should know, however, that value for money is not always their defining feature.

People are generally willing to pay more for something that provides more value. With entertainment subscriptions, value is increasingly measured by the degree of personalization. An American multimedia house, for example, understood this and knew it needed to focus on personalization to grow its subscriber revenue.

Capgemini helped this client by delivering an in-house data-platform solution, powered by the Google Cloud Platform, to provide a 360-degree view of its consumers for personalized advertising. This enabled the company to better understand and therefore engage its target group and reach a larger audience anywhere at any time. Its sales and marketing teams could now create more value for its advertising partners and were in a better position to grow the subscriber base by delivering the right content for the right people.