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Boost media engagement and revenue with AI-powered consumer intelligence

Rethink content monetization for fractured media markets

Today’s thriving media industry has clearly shown that people love to consume content. Numerous channels have emerged to fuel this avid demand and provide more options to the consumers who drive the market.

Technology has redefined how people experience and engage with media and its various form. Habits formed during the global pandemic have remained, and new mechanisms were created for delivering content. And with a sharp increase in video consumption and streaming-service subscriptions, audience attitudes and behaviors have fundamentally changed.

All this means media companies must rethink content monetization for a fractured media market. While the opportunity to monetize content is greater, so is the need for precision in advertising – especially as preferences for subscription services plateau and evolve.

Organizations that learn the needs of their audiences can tailor services and use data-driven advertising to extract maximum value from their offerings. AI-powered consumer intelligence platforms can provide insight into the content consumers want and are willing to pay for. This makes them the future of content monetization and imperative for navigating an unpredictable and constantly changing media landscape.

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