Shaping successful telco futures with B2B 5G monetization

Capgemini helps deliver the right strategy for monetizing 5G network investments

5G networks are a foundational element of digital transformation for telcos around the globe. Not only are operators tasked with deploying these networks to consumers, but now they’re also coming face-to-face with new levels of economic uncertainty, struggles to develop new revenue streams, and a constant necessity to innovate.

In a world shifting towards Intelligent Industry, commercial 5G connectivity has emerged as a significant priority for businesses in a widening array of industries, including automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing. With fewer options available for monetizing 5G to consumers, Networks-as-a-Service has become an increasingly significant priority for telcos searching for new ways to future-proof their businesses.

As telcos gear up for the next phase of business, it’s imperative that operators understand the need to innovate to keep their business economically viable – while maintaining stable price points for consumers. To realize a return on investment, telcos must have the right 5G monetization strategy and roadmap in place.

How telecom leaders can best monetize their 5G investments

Commercial 5G services have become a staple within Intelligent Industry over the last several years.

5G-enabled automated hoisting solution: Three companies collaborate

Schneider Electric, Capgemini and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have customized an innovative end-to-end 5G Private Network solution.

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