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Silicon Engineering


All your digital products and services start … with a chip. Silicon engineering is essential in this venture. Getting it right reduces time to market, lower energy consumption, improves security, better customer experience.

Delivering this is hard

You need a technology and business partner that understands silicon engineering and its role in solutions. How it will combine with other digital technologies like Cloud, Data & AI and its application.  The specifics of your industry: automotive, consumer products, telecom or life sciences, and how silicon engineering enables this.

Silicon Engineering is a strategic business at the heart of our Intelligent Industry ambition. We have a long track record of client success by leveraging our existing worldwide network of thousands of silicon & embedded engineers.

We also focus on turnkey semiconductor design services, from specifications to tape-out to post silicon validation for semiconductor companies and OEMs

We can support our Customers on multiple aspects:

  • Chip selection (commercial-off-the-shelf)
  • Custom IC designs (ASICs, VLSI) and process migrations and Derivatives
  • Platform approach, leveraging the full power of Chiplets and open-source architectures (RISC-V)
  • Vertical expertise (e.g. Security and Cybersecurity, AI, HPC, 5G/6G…)
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Sustainability impact
  • Sovereignty

What we do

End-to-end turnkey semiconductor design services, from integrated circuit specifications to tape-out (GDSII)

Comprehensive services for migrating existing Integrated Circuits (IC) designs to a new foundry or a new process.

Testing services to validate functionality, performance, and power efficiency of a chip design

From specifications to enabling volume production with associated board and software environment

Our solutions

Digital and Software Engineering

We drive global digital transformation with scalable solutions, unlocking innovation and value through our digital engineering expertise.

Our experts

Jonathan Nussbaumer

Global Head of Silicon Engineering
A silicon enthusiast, passionate about unlocking the power of chips in Intelligent Industry, Jonathan is obsessed with building sovereignty for all industries. He leads Capgemini’s silicon engineering journey. Reach out to him. Let’s make magic happen!

Mourad Aberbour

CTO for Silicon Engineering at Capgemini Engineering
Mourad Aberbour is the CTO for Silicon Engineering at Capgemini Engineering. He comes with over 25 years of experience in the silicon domain. He has managed large silicon organizations across the globe (Europe, America and Asia Pacific) in his successful tenure. Previously, Mourad held technical and senior executive leadership positions at Texas Instruments, Intel Corporation and AMD and led teams that have delivered over 1B silicon units across many semiconductor businesses: wireless modem, phone, tablet etc.

Loïc Hamon

Head of Center of Excellence Silicon Engineering, Capgemini 
Loïc Hamon is currently the Head of Center of Excellence, Silicon Engineering at Capgemini. Within Capgemini, his passion is to expand the silicon engineering capability across the business. Before his time at Capgemini, Loïc served as a Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Marketing at Kalray. Loïc Hamon is also independent member of the Silex Insight Board of Directors since 2018. He has Master’s Degree in Marketing Intelligence from the HEC School of Management in Paris, and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from ESIGELEC in Rouen and a postgraduate degree in Microelectronics from Paris XI University.

Yatin Trivedi

Associate Vice President for Semiconductor Design Services at Capgemini Engineering