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Moore’s law isn’t dead, it is changing

Pascal Brier
Dec 15, 2023

This current year, we’ve witnessed a flurry of discussions among experts around the future of Moore’s Law.

This theory (named after its inventor, the recently passed business, engineer and Intel co-founder Gordon Moore) suggests that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years, while the cost halves, enhancing computing power exponentially.

Moore’s Law has long been the bedrock of #semiconductor advancement and today, semiconductors are the highest value import/export on the planet and the fourth in volume. However, as chip #technology approaches the 2-nanometer (0,0000001 cm) scale, with the costs of research and manufacturing becoming challenging for even the largest chipmakers, questions arise about the feasibility of continuing this trend.

Yet, I would argue that 2024 will demonstrate that Moore’s Law is far from obsolete, it is simply undergoing a metamorphosis. At Capgemini, as our colleague Brett Bonthron has phrased it, we call it “More Moore and More than Moore “.

In an effort to meet the demands for more and more computing power due to the rise of #AI and autonomous systems (More Moore needed), the industry is gearing up for new #innovations (More than Moore) like vertical stacking in multi-layer chip structures, the exploration of non-silicon materials, and the advent of new lithography techniques.

As we embark on 2024, the semiconductor industry also stands on the brink of major technological shifts. This includes the establishment of new gigafactories (as many as 73 projects worldwide), adaptation to diverse local regulations, the introduction of novel business models, and enhanced foundry services. We will also see more and more companies developping their own personalized chips, turning what was once a standard “one size fits all” device into a pivotal and strategic resource.

The coming year is set to be transformative, marking a new chapter in the semiconductor industry’s storied history. Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate this exciting journey together.

Pascal Brier

Group Chief Innovation Officer
Pascal Brier was appointed Group Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee on January 1st, 2021. In this position, Pascal oversees Technology, Innovation and Ventures for the Group.