Public Security & Safety

Enabling security authorities to always be a digital step ahead

Our Vision

In the new digital world we live in, public security and safety organizations are facing unprecedented shifts driven by three main socio-technical transformations:

  • The digitization of crimes Next to Traditional crimes, such as robbery and theft, their digital counterparts also emerged, extending the area of threats for society to new types of cybercrimes;
  • New forms of citizen interaction Mobile technology and the prompt availability of information via digital channels have modified the way in which people interact with public security and public safety agencies;
  • New digital tools and the growing value of data – In a data-driven world, security authorities are increasingly expected to use digital tools and the data available to better protect citizens, secure data and respond to criminal activity even before real threats appear.

What we do

In order to help public security authorities to deal with these requirements, Capgemini has developed the following services to accompany public security authorities across the globe:

How we do it

Across each of these priorities Capgemini have delivered results to clients to a variety of public security organizations across the globe, including:

  • Digital Development Services for Border Management and Law Enforcement Officers in the UK and Netherlands, helping them receive the information they need when and where they need it to make the most informed decisions
  • Advanced Data and Analytics for multiple Public Security and Law Enforcement agencies in Europe and North America, helping them to move from reacting to incidents to preventing them.
  • Citizen Engagement through the shaping of a European Police Force on-line service, enabling the transformation from an organization that is focused on providing services, to an organization that optimizes social yield from each citizen contact.
  • Digital citizen participation: providing intelligent public safety services to optimize interactions between law enforcement and citizens regarding issue management and command and control activities
  • Cloud ERP and Resourcing management for 75,000 law enforcement users across 8 UK Police forces resulting in up to 40% cost savings.
  • A sensing platform, leveraging IoT best practices to help a national Police force in Europe in its monitoring and prediction of crimes.
  • A cloud-based system for a European country, leveraging data to accelerate investigation and intelligence activities.
  • Cloud Migration and DevOps for multiple Border Force agencies including UK and Nordics, helping them realize the effectiveness and efficiency benefits of cloud, with over 30% savings compared to existing services.
  • Border System Management projects for various custom agencies and police forces, helping in fields such as the biometric passport processing or the assessment of fraud.
  • A Cyber Threat partnership with Europol, tackling the development of cyber simulation exercises to enhance digital resilience within organizations.

Meet our experts

Nick James

Expert in Public Sector