COVID-19: Responding with data

Data-driven responses to a world in flux

The global COVID-19 situation urgently calls for bold responses and innovation from all organizations navigating uncertainty.

Data science has an unparalleled opportunity to provide practical solutions to the many unprecedented challenges that enterprises are facing: Enabling them to measure rapidly unfolding events in real time, to design insight-driven remediation, and to make accurate predictions.

But many organizations are struggling to leverage data at pace. They face significant obstacles in identifying priority use cases, and in swiftly upscaling proofs of concept.

Unleash the power of data

We bring proven data techniques and solutions for use cases that are ready to be leveraged by your organization right now. Our technical expertise and deep sector knowledge enable you to infuse data science across your enterprise.

Because data has a pivotal role to play in limiting the spread of the virus, and managing its impact on all areas of life, we help businesses unleash the power of data to respond. We deploy tried-and-tested solutions for use cases that are urgent in the current context. We consider the ethical dimensions of working with data from the outset of our projects, and bring a deep understanding of privacy issues and data protection regulations to ensure your solutions are compliant.

Contain the spread

Technology and data tools are vital to slow the propagation rate of the virus, and to analyze the efficacy of the measures currently in place.

We can provide:

  • Compliant, privacy-preserving solutions for digital contact tracing, and data analysis to assess the impact of containment measures
  • Modelling and forecasting of infection rates to enable governments and organizations to act accordingly
  • Insights to inform policy making and build resilience – including modelling the impact on national economic activity and productivity levels

Support healthcare services

Data has a major role to play in informing objective and effective decisions by health workers on the ground. This can lead to improved health outcomes, and help protect the safety of health workers.

We deliver:

  • Automated health advice and triage for patients through solutions such as chatbots or livebots
  • Analysis of the impact of other medicines on the body’s response to the virus – and of the impact of COVID-19 on those with underlying health conditions
  • Real-time medical care management – including mathematical modelling of the progression of the disease, and use of patient data to predict optimum treatment programmes
  • Modelling of patients’ time in hospital and routing between departments – to anticipate demand and avoid saturation

Secure Operations

As organizations work to maintain the smooth running of their critical processes, and to manage their workforce remotely, data can identify risks and deliver insights that enable business leaders to stay in control. Supply chains fed with real-time data can respond more effectively to fluctuating demand, helping to prevent the depletion of essential products.

We can help you to:

  • Prevent supply chain and value chain disruption, and understand the impacts to all areas of your supply ecosystem
  • Secure business continuity leveraging process analytics
  • ​Evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on workforce productivity, prevent psycho-social risks​, and support your workforce while working remotely on a dynamic, day-to-day basis
  • Apply leading data science and risk management to proactively respond to, and care for those who are vulnerable
  • Manage operational risks and adapt business continuity planning​ to anticipate emerging risk scenarios and avert impact on business activity
  • Deploy virtual agents or chatbots to meet the demand for information from your workforce or customers

For more information contact Marie-Caroline Baerd

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