Predictive Maintenance & Quality

The management and maintenance of equipment and assets is a huge challenge for manufacturers, having a direct impact on the profitability of their business operations. If they can increase the effectiveness of their equipment, they can reduce their maintenance costs and spare parts inventory. For operators, improving overall equipment effectiveness through predictive maintenance allowing them better visibility of how their assets are performing would allow them to make more informed operational decisions and ensuring the longevity of the business.

  • The Predictive Maintenance & Quality solutions help address these challenges.

Capgemini’s predictive maintenance approach, built on the the SAP Leonardo platform, leverages advanced analytics and Capgemini algorithms to rapidly make the transition from reactive or schedule-based maintenance to proactive, predictive maintenance:

It allows the integration of multiple data sources, including real-time IoT feeds. Capgemini’s ready-to-use learning algorithms are compatible with any equipment that provides machine PLC data. A pilot project for one industrial process can be implemented in a very short space of time and is fully aligned to the client’s strategic KPIs.

Leveraging this approach can result in the following benefits:

  • Higher asset productivity as a result of automated monitoring and proactive notifications
  • Fewer unplanned outages and better asset availability through predictive maintenance
  • Improved cashflow from more controlled spending on spare parts
  • Better utilization of technicians and a higher first-time-fix rate thanks to detailed information on equipment problems

IoT Service Platform

This enables new business models and generates new service revenue streams by offering a foundation for seamlessly and securely connected devices, delivering trusted information to systems and delivering business insights.

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