Magento Commerce

Enrich your global commerce experience with Magento Commerce

The future of commerce is here, and it is all about the customer. This generation of consumers demand experiences that are consistent, hyper-personalized, and engaging across every channel.

For more than 10 years, Capgemini and Magento have been at the forefront of these trends. Our Magento-certified experts will ensure that you are fully leveraging the capabilities of the Magento product suite to optimize performance, conversion, and long-term customer success.

Take a holistic approach to commerce

Across technology, commerce, marketing, and more, our work with several retail and B2B brands like Pharmaca helped build loyal, experience-driven customer relationships that continue to move their business forward.

What has made the difference for these clients is our holistic approach to commerce, content, sales, and service. With a Magento Commerce Specialization, our certified experts do more than just build and launch your eCommerce experience – we work with you to transform your business into a customer–centric experience leader. All while overcoming common hurdles in managing data, processes, and technology.

Capgemini works with clients to think beyond just website conversions and to view the customer experience as a holistic end-to-end lifecycle. With our tools and expertise, we can engineer a data-led strategy for the personal experiences demanded by your customers to help your business secure its position in the future of commerce.

Capgemini Rapid Launch Accelerator for Adobe Commerce

With Capgemini’s expertise and best practice implementation methodologies, we can develop a comprehensive process for launching a platform on an accelerated schedule with low implementation costs in as little as six weeks. This fully branded, future-rich commerce site is based on proven technologies and years of experience to deliver results and build a foundation for any future e-Commerce needs.

Capgemini has also designed a solution for boosting revenue and loyalty through painless and personalized omnichannel journeys. With our commerce-realized offer, we can help you realize and maximize your commerce potential.

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