RSA Conference: Cybersecurity Resources

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Capgemini Cybersecurity Services Overview

How can you explore the opportunities of the digital age, protect your assets, increase innovation and comply with regulations—all without delay, disruption or expense to the enterprise? We have the breadth and depth of skills that can transform security from a source of fear, risk and complexity into a source of strength, value and competitive advantage.

Our Consulting Services for Cybersecurity

We support and secure digital transformation with assessments, diagnosis and audits of your organization, the protection measures you have implemented and your security monitoring capabilities related to sensitive data, critical infrastructures and digital services.

Our Security Operations Centers (SOC) services

Our network of global Security Operations Centers (SOCs) stretches across the world. Our services bring together SIEM, network security monitoring, endpoints monitoring, payload analysis and offline big data analytics in an intelligence-driven approach. We offer different delivery modes based on your specific security needs – a Dedicated SOC, a Managed SOC, or our Hybrid model.

IDC Infobrief: The Modern, Connected CISO

A new era for the CISO? IDC InfoBrief “The Modern Connected CISO”, sponsored by Capgemini, gives insight into the evolving role of the CISO and how organizations now perceive its value.

Capgemini Research Institute Report: Cybersecurity: The New Source of Competitive Advantage for Retailers

This report explores how retailers can leverage cybersecurity to drive business value. Customer satisfaction and spending can drastically be improved by cybersecurity and data privacy assurance. Enhanced cybersecurity and data protection can even drive a revenue uplift of around 5%.

Capgemini Research Institute Report: Cybersecurity talent—the big gap in cyber protection

Discover our latest research on cybersecurity talent, a skill set that is in low supply and in high demand. Read our eight recommendations for how organizations can bridge the cybersecurity talent gap.