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Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

Elevate your cyber resilience

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping the financial landscape, the importance of cyber resilience cannot be overstated. Introducing Capgemini’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Solution — a comprehensive, highly automated, and strategic approach designed to fortify your organization against evolving threats in the digital realm.

Key features

  1. Current state assessment:
    We employ innovative automated methodologies to conduct a comprehensive current state assessment. Our tailored questionnaires and in-depth interviews allow us to thoroughly evaluate your business landscape, processes, regulations, and technology assets. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation, utilizing advanced analytics and automation to streamline the assessment process.

    This not only enables us to perform a meticulous evaluation of your current compliance maturity but also empowers us to pinpoint crucial gaps efficiently, to understand your unique challenges, and prioritize mitigation efforts effectively in alignment with DORA requirements. This strategy forms the basis of a strategic roadmap that not only meets regulatory standards but positions your organization at the forefront of digital operational resilience.
  2. Resilience mapping and reporting:
    Empower your stakeholders with detailed insights, detailed reports, and dashboards. Our solution highlights initiative details, investments, risks, external reporting, and incidents. Additionally, we establish automated resilience overviews for proactive actions, ensuring timely responses to potential challenges and enhancing the overall resilience of your organization.
  3. Resiliency operating model:
    Improve your DORA compliance readiness with our end-to-end resiliency cyber operating model. Encompassing technical, operational, and governance solutions, our all-encompassing solution incorporates advanced automation technologies that ensures your organization is prepared for cyber challenges, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and adaptability.
  4. Third-party risk assessment:
    Secure your business relationships with confidence. Our expert team conducts thorough risk profiling and assessment of your suppliers and vendors, covering cyber, resiliency, financial risk, compliance, and security making use of best-of-breed automated solutions. Furthermore, our solution, not only strengthens security and resilience but also facilitates continuous compliance, establishing a robust framework for safeguarding the integrity of your business connections.
  5. Security information sharing:
    Improve the processes of exchanging security data by adhering to industry standards, incorporating best practices, and drawing from global experiences within trusted communities and governance bodies. Our services and solutions can assist in structuring and securing an information position, enabling you to remain at the forefront of cybersecurity.


  • Proven processes and methodologies: Implement governance frameworks, policies, and compliance programs with best practices and automated tools. Test once, comply with many.
  • Efficient executive reporting: Simplify the task of creating executive reports. We deliver clear and comprehensive insights for effortless communication of your cybersecurity status and risk posture.
  • Achieve DORA compliance: Blend DORA and financial services industry expertise into an integrated, automated approach. Streamline compliance requirements for complex financial organizations efficiently and effectively.
  • Reduced DORA compliance costs: Slash compliance expenses, scale effortlessly to new requirements, and reduce operational burdens. Experience streamlined compliance with improved efficiency.
  • Continuous compliance support: Ensure ongoing adherence to regulatory standards with our proactive assistance, guiding you through evolving landscapes and maintaining the robustness of your security measures.

Why choose Capgemini’s DORA solution?

  • Client-focused expertise: We prioritize understanding your needs, aligning capabilities, fostering collaboration, and delivering insights.
  • Fast track to compliance: Our best-in-class offering combines technical expertise and collaborative methods purpose-built to proactively guard your enterprise against future cyber threats.

Take action

Now is the critical moment for financial firms to act. Capgemini’s DORA Solution is your fast track to compliance and your shield against cyber threats. Contact us to fortify your defense and ensure the security of your financial future.

Meet our experts

Marieke Van De Putte

Global Domain Lead Cyber Compliance | SAP & Cyber | NL Service Line Lead Security & Compliance 
Specialized in developing practical approaches to security, risk and compliance, and applying automation possibilities. Contributing our team’s expertise to digital transformation projects, like IT outsourcing and cloud migration.

Rahul Rauniyar

DORA Offer Lead for Capgemini and Workstream Lead Netherlands – Security, Risk and Compliance Management
Specialized in strengthening digital security and ensuring IT regulatory compliance within the financial services industry.