Digital Employee Operations

An integrated HR platform for a talented, motivated, and well-managed team

Meeting the expectations of this modern workforce requires HR and IT leaders to take a fresh look at HR service delivery technologies and models.

Your organization could benefit from an integrated HRO services platform that aligns your business strategy across multiple HR towers, enabling you to build a talent pool that is happy, driven and intent on achieving your business goals.

Digital Employee Operations puts your individual employee at the heart of the solution, across your talent acquisition, HR administration, payroll, and HR analytics functions to deliver strong and sustainable value to your business, including:

  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized use of your human capital
  • Minimized risk to your company’s reputation.

A proven HR leader

Our long history and strong reputation in providing HR services has already made a significant and positive impact on many of our clients’ bottom lines and profitability. From a Swiss-based, world-leading agribusiness to an Australian flat product steel producer; from a North American utility company to a privately-held Brazilian conglomerate – our clients come from a range of industry segments, all with their own unique commercial and trading landscapes as well as a broad variety of challenges that require innovative and expert solutions.

We are proud of the value we continue to deliver to our clients and the results speak for themselves. Working with our clients we have:

  • 20–30% reduction in the cost of HR provisioning
  • 40–60% increase in productivity
  • First contact resolution rate of more than 95%
  • 5-point improvements in employee net promoter scores
  • Increased employee self-service levels
  • Standardized HR services and processes across the globe
  • Conducted payroll processing for thousands of employees.

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Digital Employee Operations

The consumer challenge facing your HR function

Bringing Digital Employee Operations to life

B2C consumer experiences are rapidly becoming the norm in Human Resources (HR). Employees expect to interact with HR as consumers of innovative services, which mirrors the interaction they have in the ‘real world’ as consumers.