Capgemini and HPE: Collaborating to Deliver Results

Why Capgemini and HPE?

  • Results-driven: Our goal is to improve your business with faster, sustainable results, accelerating busines growth, lowering costs and mitigating risks.
  • Combine the power of business innovation and technology: Our strengths complement each other: Capgemini’s unique Collaborative Business Experience® and domain expertise with HPE’s broad portfolio of Business Technology products and services.
  • A Structured Delivery Process: Capgemini and HPE’s proven, structured delivery process and teaming approach is designed to deliver better and faster results, along with a single, unified point of accountability-for all of our customers.
  • Aligning organizations towards value: Understanding how to target value, mitigate risk, optimize capabilities, and align an organization to achieve objectives are core pillars of our collaboration.
  • From traditional IT to a digital economy: Ultimately, we help customers transition from a traditional IT approach to a digital economy, where requirements and vision are clearly aligned with, and supported by, technology goals.

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