Customer First

Orchestrating branded experiences at scale

Business today is more personal, more data driven, and more relevant than ever. Customers flock to brands they love — brands that have a sense of purpose, are innovative, and put their customers first.

To remain successful companies must focus on achieving sustainable growth by harnessing the power of technology and data to develop new businesses, products, and experiences. We help to make this happen by orchestrating branded experiences at scale.

Our Customer First services are powered by frog, part of Capgemini Invent, offering market-leading design, innovation, and brand expertise. We create products, services, and experiences with and for the customers who use them.

We energize your brand and keep you competitive in today’s era of real-time customer centricity. Our global, multi-disciplinary teams enable you to reinvent your business, adapt your brand to new norms, elevate the overall experience, activate your audience with new data-driven marketing methods, and master your customer-focused operations across sales, service, marketing and commerce, platforms and processes.

We strive to change minds, move markets and touch hearts.

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Kunnen we onszelf uit de recessie innoveren?

Wat is innovatie – “the next big thing” of juist onderdeel van de constante evolutie? Moet...

Unleash growth by inventing new business models, go-to-market strategies, offers, services and products. Then scale them to reach new heights of success. We help you to turn this ambition into reality with creativity and analytics.

Reinvent Business

Reinvent Business

Meet our Experts

Benthe Gommers

Expert in Consumer adoption in technology (AI), Digital Service Innovation (Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities), Customer experience design & strategy, Customer journey design, Target operating model rollout

Sophie Berg

Expert in Digital transformation and innovation

Tim van der Galiën

Expert in B2B Platforms, Customer Centric Sales, Customer Experience, Digital Innovation


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