ITOPS Global Trade Services

Capgemini’s Integrated Technology & Operations Services for Global Trade Services helps commercial banks improve trade services operations and achieve up to 40% savings without investing in new technology and process optimization.

New Customer and Regulatory Demands Overwhelm Legacy Systems

Technology continues to promote the use of traditional instruments of trade finance such as Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, bank guarantees, and collections. To address the changing business environment, importers want new services such as supply-chain financing and open-account trading. There are also many industry challenges: regulatory demands include higher capital and risk control, customer demands for automated trade finance operations, and competitive pressures to reduce costs of goods sold (COGS), improve margins, and broaden revenue options.

Accelerate Fund Flow and Transaction Turnaround with ITOPS

Capgemini combines cutting-edge technology, trade documentation specialists and proven processes to improve visibility into the financial supply chain, accelerate cash flow and reduce risk. Our service offerings include business process analysis, business process re-engineering, trade-platform evaluation, system migration, software support, data security and disaster recovery services. We also manage specialized services such as reimbursements, open-account trading and document preparation.

Proven Integrated Technology & Operations Services Delivery Model

Capgemini’s ITOPS delivery model converts capital expenses to operating expenses while our process flexibility enables greater responsiveness to business requirements. Among the measurable benefits:

  • Achieve up to 40% savings in cost of trade services processing;
  • Increase transaction processing throughput by about 30% through automation and process optimization;
  • Gain scalability to handle 20% ad-hoc transaction volume spikes daily;
  • Reduce in Days Sales Outstanding with improved visibility and control of financial supply chain

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