Customer Value Analytics for Banking and Capital Markets

Understand your customers, markets, business opportunities, and risks; gain insights to your customer behavior and support meaningful engagements across channels.

Getting the Big-Data Picture—Structured and Unstructured

Customer data volumes are no longer limited to the flood of transactions; rather, they now include an ocean of unstructured data from social media and other sources. Attempts to use analytics to sift through big data to improve the customer experience have been met with varying degrees of success. By making better use of customer data and analyzing it for actionable customer insights, banks can deliver the more targeted and personalized banking experience that today’s customers expect.

Customer Value

Capgemini Customer Value Analytics (CVA) combines pre-built analytics apps and a powerful analytics engine to process data generated from multiple customer touch points throughout the customer journey. This solution, based on Capgemini’s SMART Analytics Platform powered by IBM technologies, provides insights to improve the customer experience to minimize customer attrition, encourage customer loyalty, promote customer acquisition, and grow share of wallet.

Best of Both Worlds: Capgemini FS Knowledge and IBM Technology

Capgemini’s SMART Analytics solution is built by financial services experts from our Insights and Data global practice and powered by IBM technologies. It allows retail banks to understand their customers and operations at a more granular level, make more insightful business decisions, and drive the top line. Pre-built applications models, developed on the Capgemini SMART Analytics Platform, can save between 40-50% of implementation effort. The platform includes core components of data-management and risk-analytics functions that are essential to the business needs of any financial service organization.

Analytics for Customer-Centric Services

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