Capgemini Italia

Model Based Testing Workbench for Mortgage Servicing

Improve traceability and reduce time to market using Capgemini’s model based testing approach

Many financial institutions hold large portfolios of at-risk mortgages, including those in default, near default, and performing, but underwater loans. These lenders face daunting market challenges due to recent trends including declining property values, economic instability, and media attention given to lenders and borrowers.

Loss mitigation strategies, particularly loan modifications, have overwhelmed servicing departments at many lenders and have affected the experience of the remaining customers in good standing—in particular, those who are candidates for refinancing, crosssales opportunities, and other value added services. As a result, lenders and servicers are searching for more effective solutions to resolve processing backlogs, trim abnormally long cycle times, improve low conversion rates, lower bloated costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Capgemini’s Model Based Testing Workbench is a methodology and toolset designed to accelerate the creation of test scripts. The tools let users describe the system under test using process models which then automate the generation of test cases. With model based testing, experienced testing professionals with domain knowledge can reduce testing time for commercial software by as much as 30%.

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